Golf simulator

Whether you just want to relax or improve your golf technique enough to become your new Tiger Woods, visit our golf simulator. Golf Blaster 3D is the most realistic simulator on the market. You will find selected golf courses from around the world and more than 60 golf training sessions. The sensors allow you to monitor both the ball and the angle of the projectile, its strength and direction.

Our trainer will allow individuals and groups:

  • Play the entire golf course
  • In particular, they trained on a training field
  • Improve patting
  • To train a particular hole on the course

For group entertainment you can use:

  • Play the target and try to hit as close as possible to the place
  • Remove as close as possible to the hole
  • Find out who can make the longest hit

For children and all playful:

  • Open the windows during demolition golf
  • Play the minigolf with all its pitfalls
  • Come in between fairy-tale creatures in fairy-tale golf