For all who love movement and they care about maintaining their physical mailbox, we have a number of activities, which help them in their efforts to help.

Running treadmills

Running has a very beneficial effects on the human organism and is the oldest type of movement right after the walking. Strengthens not only the body, but also has a beneficial effect on the psyche. But if he’s out of the ugly weather, or you are not just a good route for a run, there are treadmills ideal solution. In addition, you can set the level of difficulty, and thus become maratonským runner or sprinter on the short tracks.

Spinning wheels

Cycling for a few years dominated by the leading partitions, favorite sports. Whether you are a beginner or a master, thanks spinningovým wheels you can test how far you can drive. In addition, you do something not only for your cardiovascular system, but also for toning the entire body.

Other fitness machines

Some people think that fitness is all about drawing the muscles. This is not so. Work out you can come just to improve the mood, shake stiff muscles or stretching the back. Firming the characters is just a nice bonus. For all who want to get a move on, or on your body work long-term, we have facilities equipped with modern machines for training all parts of the body.