Sauna is a Finnish invention and over time has gained popularity around the world. It’s beneficial effects, which has a sauna on our organism.

In a sauna expands the blood vessels and skin pores, this leads to better blood flow around the body and flushing out harmful substances from him. It also flushes out the hormone of happiness – endorphins, improves therefore also our mental state. The Sauna has an impact not only on our current medical ailments such as problems with joints and muscles, headache or breathing difficulties, but also increases our stamina and thus protects us against diseases of the future. A man has after a visit to the sauna higher physical and mental performance, better regenerates, improves his skin, is more durable and better he sleeps.

In the case of long-term treated with some health problems or you are pregnant, consult with your doctor whether to the sauna you can.


One person / 1 hour 160 CZK
Permanent – 10 entrances 1.200 CZK